Around the world in 24 frames

The digital age promises a glocal network of ‘creation, viewing and experience’- making distance irrelevant to connect, worldwide. Which is why Reliance Media Works’ MediaNet platform has created a ‘global grid’ (through our dedicated optic fiber connectivity) that interlinks our film and media services from anywhere to anywhere across the globe.

This makes our three facilities in India, LA and London one connected workstation; ensuring seamless high-speed data exchange across our service offerings, including Restoration and Image Enhancement, VFX, Digital Cinema, DI Lab and Studios.

The MediaNet platforms also allows our offices to work as a one stop shop for any media life cycle requirement; empowering you- our customer to access our worldwide expertise from any geographical point close to you.

Our Setup

Our MediaNet platform uses the dedicated 500Mbps Global Ethernet Link via Reliance GlobalCom’s undersea FLAG network. All end locations are connected to their respective hubs forming a Global Area Network (GAN) and the link can be scaled up as per the company’s business requirements.

The MediaNet Hubs are located at:
1. RMWL , Filmcity, Goregoan (E), Mumbai, India
2. 624S, Grand Ave, One Wilshire, LA, USA