We provide efficient solutions to transform existing tape libraries into digital formats for preservation as well as coding and recoding of content from one digital format to another to enable transmission over different media and playback over various devices.

• Capability & Capacity for large Scale Encoding / Transcoding of Libraries using state of the art Amberfin solutions
• Comprehensive range of video players from legacy players like 2 inch, 1 inch, U-matic, VHS etc. to current HDCAM SR
• Highly experienced professionals and well defined processes ensure that new digital version reflects your original content and prevent loss of originality and are transcoded to superior picture quality, while keeping storage, distribution and transmission costs lower
• Equipped to handle formats from 2K to SD, and transcode for various digital platforms including Internet, portable media players, Mobile TV, IPTV, DVD, Blu-ray, Airline versions, Digital content libraries, on demand services etc
• All Industry Standard CODECs and containers along with Automated QC and Manual QC.
• We also repurpose the content depending on regional requirements, distribution formats and audience sensibilities including censor cuts, in-flight entertainment compliant videos, broadcast compliant segments, and any other editing requirements
+Standards & Format Conversions
We have the best in the class technologies to provide a universal High Definition conversion platform that includes cross-conversion, up-conversion and down-conversion for multiple high-definition broadcast standards & formats around the globe.
• Unsurpassed Image Up conversion using Academy Award Winning Proprietary Software. Standard Motion Compensated SD to HD Up Conversion; for artifacts- free up conversion
• We also deliver broadcast master quality standard conversions that are required for converting content from one broadcast standard to another. Ex: NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC, image resizing, etc.
• Additionally we also offer format conversion services to convert video from/to a wide variety of formats that include HD Cam SR, Digi-Beta, Betacam SP (Beta SP), Betacam SX, Betacam MPEG IMX, HDV, DVCAM, miniDV , Umatic, VHS and XDCAM HD or SD

As formats keep changing, so do storage technologies. It is imperative that both analog & digital storage media are upgraded to newer technologies to continue unrestricted access across formats. We provide high-volume tape duplication including many legacy formats (Betacam, Umatic, 1”, 2” etc.) to move libraries to modern media formats.

+Blu-ray & DVD
We offer the most comprehensive authoring capabilities available in the world to produce high quality premasters of Blu-ray and DVD for motion pictures and television programs. 
• We have incorporated world’s leading edge professional compression technology to meet the highest standards worldwide ensuring a "no-compromise" cinematic experience for your Blu-ray and DVD audience
• From path breaking intuitive menu designs with animated buttons and fade, wipe, scroll in/out effects, transitions, etc. to advanced interactivity using the most advanced authoring technology available, our creative professionals uphold the visual standards your brand is known for.
+Media Asset Management
• We provide services to capture content from various sources and support adding/transcribing information from the content as per the owner’s requirements. We can prepare program-level to shot-level metadata
• Our services include Cataloguing, Library Management, on-line and off-line storage of content so that it is easily searchable, viewable and usable for broadcast
• Broadcast Logistics
• When content that is stored / processed with us needs to be provided at a location such as head office (for approval) or play-out centers (for broadcast) in key global media markets, we can provide tape, file deliveries with QC reports, cue sheets etc. 
• We have a dedicated secure VPN with external FTP access over the internet to ensure file-based delivery of content without losing time on transportation of physical media. We can link Broadcasters with high throughput requirements to our VPN
+Audio Services
We provide a host of services for audio with focus to present the listeners with the most authentic reproduction of the original sound that can be obtained. Our services include: 
• Large scale digitization & restoration of audio source from analog media like recordings, gramophone record, magnetic tapes, etc.
• Audio Enhancement to improve and update quality as per the current industry standards
• Mono to Pseudo Stereo conversion and stereo to pseudo 5.1 conversion
• Conversion of audio into digital formats like MP3, data tagging for suitable digital downloads
• Clips can be generated for mobile ring tones, call back tunes, sampling, etc.

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