Delivery Model

  • Delivery Model

Delivery Model

We work the way the world works.

Reliance MediaWorks has a simple three step mantra to deliver better business solutions:

• Agility - Be intuitively brisk and cater to every requirement

• Flexibility - Understand and adapt quickly to changing requirements, while being eternally dependable

• Responsiveness - Listen, understand and execute optimally- whatever serves the greater good of the requirement

This is why:

• We provide a ‘Sunrise to Sunset Digital Pipeline’ to our customers across our Global Operating Model (US, UK, Canada and India)

• We possess integrated facilities that enable studios and broadcasters to operate as their own extended studios

• We own our exclusive digital network created in collaboration with Reliance Communications

• We hold the capacity to add value to 1,000 feature films and over 1, 00,000 hours of video annually

In short, we’re a company with a credible management group complemented by a robust operational network, and most importantly- backed by the most skilled and dependable minds in media and entertainment.