Film Digitization

Film stored for years are subjected to chemical deterioration as well as wear and tear thus rendering it fragile and extremely prone to further damage if not handled carefully.  Due to the brittle and fragile nature of old archived films, they are prone to damage due to stress in the repair, observation & scanning process. We have established a state of the art facility to ensure that your legacy assets are processed using specialized technologies, quality processes and safety parameters.

The films are stored in properly designed vaults in highly secured areas and handled by experts


Archival Grade technologies specific for delicate and careful processing of archival films ensure better image details and quality without harming your priceless film materials


Capture complete source information in the present state with full resolution and dynamic range. We also have the capability to deal with shrinkage, bowed film and unique fading and imaging challenges common in scanning old films


We are amongst the largest film digitizing facility with the capacity to digitize over 1,000 films every year


Leveraging our experience & capabilities for project management, quality assurance, and preservation expertise in overseeing the handling of large scale film digitization projects, we provide faster and better results to cater to the needs of Large Film Libraries. 
Video Digitization
Analog videotape libraries are at risk of becoming inaccessible because of tape deterioration and tape format obsolescence. The best way to mitigate the risk of losing these assets is to digitize them into high resolution video files. A well planned digital migration can bring all different formats into easy to use high quality video files that, when stored in a centralized location, will be protected from deterioration. 
We provide efficient solutions to:
• Handle large scale migration & digitization of tapes including many legacy video formats like 2 inch, 1 inch, Umatic, Betacam, VHS etc. and current formats
• Capacity to digitize over 8000 hours of video tapes every month
• State of the art encoding solutions from leading technologies worldwide
Our established processes, stringent quality reviews and highly experienced encoding professionals ensure that the new digital version reflects your original content and prevents loss of originality and picture quality.
Audio Digitization
The ability to record and play back the sounds that surround us — human voices, musical performances, the sounds of nature — has existed for little more than 125 years.  Many of these analog recordings are deteriorating and we risk losing decades of spoken-word and musical recordings that are valuable not only as commercial products but also as cultural touchstones that documents who we are, what we feel, and how we experience our world. 
Which is why Reliance MediaWorks has set up a dedicated unit which:
• Incorporates experienced Audio Engineers and Equipments, which are fast shrinking, with capability of transferring even the oldest analog recordings safely to digital
• Faithfully reproduces the source media from all popular formats including legacy formats like ¼ Reel-to-Reel, DAT, DA-88, Cassette, Micro Cassette, Vinyl Records, CDs, Mini Disc etc. at the highest quality for preservation
• Incorporates talents with trained ears and years of experience which are by far the most important tool in many areas of audio preservation 

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