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Indian Brands. International Appeal.

While the term ‘TVC’ may suggest restriction to one medium, the video format has traversed across multiple channels (including web and mobile), making your TVC your brand’s address- worldwide. Which is why Reliance MediaWorks provides cutting-edge production services; having set up India’s first non-linear production studio (dedicated to TVCs), providing pre, during and post production solutions. Here’s what sets our services apart:


Concept art and visualization: Bring your script to life with a visual representation of elements that define the design, idea and mood of the film and get a perfect sense of what you will be creating.

Story boards: One frame for every 24 per second! Our artists are capable of creating authentic hand drawn sketches- a series of intricate drawings with supers/dialogues/voice over that illustrate the plot, characters, setting and shooting style of the film before filming; giving both the client and the agency an accurate visual narration of the film.

Animatics: If storyboards don’t depict the grandeur of your narrative, our artists can also animate it visually with motion and sound. Enabling you to preview and review scenes of live-action films before they are shot.

Pre- viz:  The next stage to Animatics, where 2D / 3D computer technology is utilised for scene planning and conceptualisation. Here, the virtual camera literally mimics the optical properties of the real one, simulating the potential experience of the film.

CG/ Vfx/ Animation: Combine the best of technology with the best of creativity to conjure a complete animated film for your client’s perusal, with computer graphics and Visual Effects for live action or 2D/3D/Flash techniques.


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