Digital Intermediate

Making a difference in filmmaking.

The Digital Intermediate (DI) process is revolutionizing filmmaking, both artistically and financially; providing a win-win situation to producers and filmmakers alike. The DI workflow brings in both speed and versatility, while maintaining the highest resolution standards for an enhanced visual experience. Which is why Reliance Media Works is equipped with a state of the art DI facility to cater to film, TV and web related video content. Here’s what sets us apart:

+Scanning at 4K

We provide customized film scanning for varied and specific needs. Our Spirit 4K Scanner facilitates scanning at a superior speed; our Northlight2 Film Scanner is the go-to for VFX heavy outputs, along with a pin registered scanner outfitted with an 8K CCD sensor.

+Realtime Playback and Review

With our full 4K digital grading suite (equipped with 3 chip DLP Christie projectors), 5.1 surround sound audio and a relaxed atmosphere- our suite enables you to grade, playback and review any form of uncompressed digital media in real time. Our DI workflow is also capable of delivering multiple format outputs- from 4K & 2K film-out to HD & SD video to D-Cinema for digital data.

+Colour Calibration

Operating in an adequately calibrated environment is essential to the DI workflow. TrueLight from FilmLight enables accuracy and consistency of color, and can simulate multiple film stocks; video formats and looks prior to delivery.


Equipped with both tools and experience; we manage your data safely and accurately- possessing the best available Baselight stations to ensure speedy, accurate delivery.


We possess PF Clean software from The Pixel Farm for a non-destructive, productive solution, giving you spotless digital images for both DI and restoration.

+Film Recording

Our superior Arri 4K digital film recorder offers fast and uncompromising digital to film transfers onto 35mm. Our digital pipeline ensures highest quality image output, immaterial of the source material. The CUBE available on ARRI recorders also ensures 100% matches between digital and film translations.

+Calibration & Film Stock

Our film recorders are calibrated to output onto all Kodal and Fuji internegatives (polyester and acetate), interpositive, original negative colour and black and white film stocks.

+HD & SD Video Deliverables

We can manage raw HD data from live shoots or from the final graded files to produce a complete set of HD and SD deliverables.

+Digital Cinema

We provide fully DCI compliant files ready for encryption and distribution; while researching and developing new solutions. Be it UFO or Scrabble’s 2K Digital Cinema, we possess tools to deliver medium-specific content, without compromising on image consistency.

+Data to film

Equipped with the best color management tools, we handle any digital file format in any color space or resolution. Our DI pipeline and QC ensures your data looks the best on film- made possible with the help of our color scientists who work closely with the traditional film processing labs.

+HD & SD to film

Here, HD and SD material is digitized at optimum quality and converted to digital data ready for filmout. This is made possible with our customized DI process which ensures data retains the maximum detail and colour depth as its source material.

For further information please contact:

Nishit Shetty
Vice President - Operations
Reliance MediaWorks ltd
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