3D Animation

Talent propelled by technology.

Reliance MediaWorks hosts a talented and experienced team of 3D modelers, designers and creative artists focusing on critical elements of creative setup, production management, technology, animation and rendering. Our artists drive fundamental advances in CGI animated filmmaking; innovating relentlessly to create stunning and affluent imagery. Our creative directors and animators perfectly simulate real life by using advanced techniques such as character animation, texturing, transparency, lighting effects and motions- creating a virtual hyper-reality. 3D is also the preferred choice in digital age for virtual product demos (automobiles etc.) to accurately describe the product’s working. Our lineup of expert animators, SFX and texture artists work in tandem with technology to provide uncompromised results, every step of the way:

Selected Filmography:

  • The Davincibles (produced by Moonscoope- France, Neo Network- Italy and SLR- Australia) for 39 minutes of 12 minutes each.
+Pre production

Our designers, storyboarders, color key artists and matte painters create the visual elements of the story, and help decipher the various styles, looks and ultimate feel for the output.

+3D Production

Interpreting characters, sets and prop designs right from pre-production to the 3D table. And most importantly- creating a range of appealing character models from realistic to toony designs.

+Character rigging / setup

Made possible with an expert asset team, equipped with an in-depth knowledge of character anatomy & motion to create foolproof animation setups. Along with texture artists (with both traditional and technical know how) to achieve that convincing CG look and feel.


Our studios are complete with provisions for light boxes, line test setups, acting rooms, cameras etc. Along with multiple editing suites, a recording setup and a state-of-the-art Barco projector that ensures only the best quality output leaves our premises.

+Post production

Our compositors finesse each frame through image manipulations and combinations (through external sources) to deliver the final image as conceptualized. Providing results in both animation and live action.

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